Services for civil engineering work

We provide a wide range of services to help you carry out your civil engineering work the right way. Besides our excavation and paving services for large scale projects, we also offer an array of additional services for your civil engineering projects.

Our multidisciplinary teams have the right equipment and expertise for all types of projects.


We offer additional services to your civil engineering work, including:

  • Street, chamfer and driveway fittings
  • Installation of sod and landscaping
  • Installation of paving stones
  • Concrete work of all types
  • Line marking and signage installation
  • Installation or repair of drains and man-holes


We can also provide our expertise for larger scale civil engineering projects with the following services:

  • Restoration of streets or construction of bike paths
  • Excavation and paving of different surfaces
  • Various concrete work (sidewalks, curbs, slabs)
  • Various paving stone work (roundabout, retaining wall, municipal park landscaping, urban landscaping)


We can even bring you turnkey services for your excavation project management

Call upon the expertise of Excellent Pavage for a turnkey service including all-round management of your excavation project, pulverization and paving of commercial spaces.

Excellent Pavage: one number 514 766-4888 for all your needs. Call us today!


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