Concrete structure reconstruction (sidewalks, curbs, slabs)

Excellent Pavage offers a complete restoration service of concrete structures, whether you come from the residential, commercial or industrial sector. We also perform maintenance and repair work on concrete structures, if needed.

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial strips
  • Co-ownership properties
  • Industrial or institutional properties
  • Various civil engineering works


Foundation repair, concrete floor surfacing and more

  • Excellent Pavage’s complete range of residential and commercial services includes:
  • Complete or partial restoration of parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, steps and patios
  • Concrete slabs or garage floors  
  • Construction of concrete curbs or sidewalks
  • Application of sealing on concrete surface  
  • Repair of foundation cracks  
  • Waterproofing of concrete foundation  
  • Access ramp to loading dock 
  • Repair of cracks in floors, slabs, curbs or commercial strip sidewalks

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