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Asphalt restoration service

Excellent Pavage offers asphalt restoration services to both residential and commercial clients.

  • Residential, commercial, industrial or institutional parking lots
  • Shopping centres
  • Condo parking lots
  • Various civil engineering work (streets, driveways, curbs, etc.)
  • Bike path

We offer turnkey services including, if desired, excavation and/or pulverization, levelling and paving, all according to plans, estimates and planned schedule.

Asphalt and pothole repairs (residential and commercial)

When the need to make alterations to your asphalt becomes pressing, it is reassuring to know that the Excellent Pavage experts will make an excellent job on their first visit. We have the knowledge and experience to correctly identify the causes of your pavement failures and undertake the most effective solution for repairing defective areas.

Advantages to repairing your asphalt: 

  • Provides base protection
  • Prevents your asphalt from deteriorating by avoiding damaging healthy areas
  • Neutralizes damages caused by oil spots
  • Extends the lifespan of your parking lot and improves its lifetime cost

Garage access ramp or loading bay (residential and commercial)

We build asphalt access ramps to help you have easier access to your warehouse or garage.

Anti- water infiltration ramp near the foundation of the building (residential and commercial)

If your asphalt has a downhill slope towards the foundation of your property, it surely means water infiltration is taking place between the two. To correct this often encountered chronic problem, we need to reverse the slope of your asphalt by resurfacing the default area giving it the proper slant. This correction will serve two purposes. One: to stop the chipping away at the concrete surface of your foundation and two: most importantly preventing the formation of structural cracks in your foundation caused by repeated freezing and thawing.

Bitumen base sealer (residential and commercial)

Reasons for/benefits of using a bitumen base sealer
To properly understand the efficiency of a bitumen base sealer treatment, it is important to know that the primary cause of asphalt failure is the penetration of water into the asphalt base. Also, the oxidation process begins with the exposure of the pavement surface to the roughness of our northern climate (sun, freezing and thawing).

A bitumen base sealer rejuvenates your asphalt and restores its elasticity, beauty and original waterproofness. Our professional treatment does not compare to an acrylic base sealer found at a local hardware store. An acrylic sealer does not prevent water from penetrating the base of your asphalt and if used abusively, an acrylic sealer will further accelerate the cracking and failure of your asphalt because it will keep the bituminous mix from seeping.

Procedures of application
In order to ensure proper adherence of our sealer, our professional team will clean your asphalt before applying our specially formulated bitumen base sealer with a high pressure motorized gun hose for better penetration and a smoother, aesthetic appearance. You will need to let penetrate and dry the sealer for 48 hours before parking your vehicles.

When to treat your asphalt
We advise you to use our specially formulated bitumen base sealer every three years, in order to obtain an optimal lifespan.

Asphalt crack filler (commercial and industrial only)

The sealing of cracks is a means of preventive maintenance aiming to reduce or prevent the risks of water infiltration in your asphalt. Cracks caused by water infiltration will lead to the gradual disintegration of your parking lot.

A crack that lets water pass through should be filled. The product used for crack filling is a flexible, hot-applied thermoplastic based rubberized bitumen polymer.

We use this rubberized crack filler on all cracks 1 (+/-½ inch) to 5 cm wide. It is resistant to cold temperatures and retains its elasticity when subject to asphalt expansion during freezing and thawing periods.

The first step is to clean the cracks and getting them ready for the application of the thermoplastic.

The second step consists is filling the cracks with the flexible, hot-applied thermoplastic based rubberized bitumen polymer.

This type of treatment stops water from passing through the paving, therefore protecting the foundation. The treatment of cracks slows down the deterioration process of the paving and extends its lifespan.

Asphalt restoration service by pulverization or scarification (commercial and institutional)

Pulverization process
Asphalt resurfacing by pulverization consists in crushing the existing paving and blending it to the existing underlying granular bases usually made up of crushed stone (0-20 mm). The final result is a granular product that is profiled and compacted to serve as a foundation to a new layer of asphalt.

Replacement of the wearing layer by scarification

Scarification process
This technique consists in scarifying a portion of the existing asphalt, which will preserve the bottom asphalt layer (base) and reduce the total amount of asphalt needed for the project.

After the scarification of the wearing layer (surface layer), the surface on which a new layer of asphalt mix is applied will be cleaned to keep clear of debris. A binding agent is then applied before the final paving step.

  • Advantages
    Reduces the costs related to the complete restoration of the parking lot
  • Has a positive environmental impact thanks to reduced transportation and re-use of recycled materials
  • Timeliness

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